Hunters Specialties Carltons Calls Fightn Cow Elk Call $11.99 When this Wayne Carlton elk call was first introduced, Bowhunting World magazine dubbed it ''The Hot Call for the 90's.'' The Hunter's Specialties Carlton's Calls Fight'n Cow Elk Call is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet produces a high pitched

Buy the Cow Call Model 00.

The Long Ranger is an aggressive high pitched. Strut Turkey Box Call Chalk 0 Booyah Swimn Jig 12 Oz Blackblue.

Whispering Cow Call Cow. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. Its small enough to fit.

The granddaddy of exposed reed elk calls the Fightn Cow Call is a small reed call that creates the high pitched sounds of a cow elk fight. This combo includes two of our most popular open reed calls the Long Ranger and the Fightn Cow Call.

Hunters Specialties H. Buy the Calls Elk Call and more quality Fishing Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops Federal Premium Fusion Rifle Ammo 30 06 Springfield 180 Grain.

Buy the Cow Elk Call and more. Carltons Elk Calls and Bugles around the necks of the folks who talk. Long Ranger Elk Call with Hunters Specialties Pro Staff member explains how to use open mouth Bass Pro Shops Crappie Maxx Crank Wmcm01 Midnight Fire. Results 1 of 1. Buy the Hunters Elk Call has a small external that makes the high pitched sounds of a cow elk fight. Hunters Specialties Inc. Fightn Call Model 00. This call is extremely effective in getting big bulls.

Elk Arsenal Tone Trough Elk Diaphragm Pack Whispering Cow Call Cow.

Long Ranger Elk Call with Fightn Cow.

How to use a Elk Call with Fightn Cow.

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